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By Mark Zuckerberg

You downloaded the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood app ironically and then got addicted to playing the fame game.Kim Kardashian herself is super nice to you and gives you lots of tips about how to get to the top and stay there, but that blonde b!tch Willow Pape never has a good word for you or anyone.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is an iPhone game created by Kim Kardashian. By tapping the screen, you dress your character (who starts out as a lowly E-list celebrity) andAccording to Kardashian's instagram, the two reunited in Ibiza this weekend. What that means for Willow Pape is unknown. Kim Kardashian: Hollywoodwillow-p-pape... willow-p-pape. kimkardash-hollywood.willow-p-pape. End your bad breath. kimkardash-hollywood. Originally posted by 365daysofwhitegirl. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood… 0 подписчиков, 0 подписок, 0 публикаций — посмотрите в Instagram фото и видео Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (@kimkardashianhollywoodgame).

Willow Pape is the bane of my existence. When I see her at Lif Club in Miami, I get anxious. There will be conflict. She once told me I should slip into something more comfortable like a coma. She continually works against me as I climb the ladder upward toward A-list stardom. On my best days, I roll my eyes at her.

watchlist125 asked: It's so not fair I wanna jump on the willow pape (how do you pronounce that) hate parade but she don't do nothing to me really she did a few times at the start but it didn't take long till I was A-list and I haven't seen her or seen a tweet since I was D-list (Wil-low pay-p) You will see her again depending on your goals. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Anniversary -

6 Willow Pape Scenarios & How You Should Handle Them in the Kim Kardashian Game ... Aug 8 2014. The thrill is not yet gone: Kim Kardashian: Hollywood kontinues to be a major part of my life. Kan ...

Willow Pape is basic. Disclaimer: This is NOT a comprehensive list.Glu Games, inc. No, Kim did not and never will mention you. 5. Thinks she is better than you.

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